Monday, November 14, 2016

What do Donuts, Gasoline, and Prescription Meds have in Common?

A delightful discovery...

On the mornings when I drive up Highway 45 on the edge of Columbus, MS on the way to MacDonald's to have a cheap sausage biscuit for my 5 a.m. breakfast, or heading up to Walmart for my grocery shopping (it's still the cheapest place for food and toiletries), I often passed Krispy Kreme, a chain donut shop, and I stopped there a couple of times when I wanted to be bad. But one place I kept passing back and forth, on 45 closer to downtown was a place called The Donut Factory, a local donut shop that made me wonder, could they possibly be as good as Krispy Kreme?

The Donut Factory, Gas Station, and Pharmacy
Now, I want to make it very clear that during the five months I've been living in Columbus, I've restricted my sweets and pastry intake to once or so a month. It has paid off in lost weight, and I intend to keep it that way. But one day I needed gasoline, and I had tried several places in town, and while the gas was not that expensive in those other places, their convenience stores were...meh. Just the usual. So a couple of mornings ago, I got gas at the combination Donut Factory, drive-thru pharmacy, convenience store, and gas station. And since I'd been wondering about the quality of the donuts at the Donut Factory, I went in and bought an old fashioned glazed and a caramel cake donut, and took them home. Man, was I surprised. They were both delicious. But my surprise and delight did not stop there. In the convenience store, which I went to the next time I bought a donut at the store, I brought my own mug, The Commercial Dispatch Sunday edition, and bought a cup of coffee from the convenience store. The surprise was they had several coffees to choose from, sitting on the warmers in very clean pots. I chose the Southern Pecan coffee. I hadn't had Southern Pecan coffee in several years. Yeah, I know, it's a flavored coffee and not something gourmet. But I don't care. I like the things I like and Southern Pecan coffee is one of them. I took my mug of coffee into the donut shop and ate my donut and read the Sunday paper. It doesn't take much to please me, granted, but this was a delightful (and cheap alternative) to my usual coffee shop visits.

I highly recommend this place as a stop for gas and treats, and I plan to make it a regular gas station when I need to fill up. Now, I just have to hold off and only buy a single donut whenever I fill up with about three weeks. Oh, yeah, the convenience store is a little different than the other gas station convenience stores. I picked up a loaf of bread there today because it was closer than Walmart and I was out.

Tonight is the Super moon, which hasn't been this close to the earth in 69 years. It's last appearance was 1948, the year I was born. Alas, this is Mississippi, and unlike the desert of southern New Mexico, you can't watch it come up over the mountain peaks. Still, I was able to view it just down the street from my house, coming up over one of the buildings on the MUW campus.

Be sure to watch this video far enough in for some really interesting information on Mississippi Hills blues technique, which is different from Mississippi Delta blues.
And I couldn't resist throwing in this "hot" video. I think it's all right to repost it, but if not and I get a complaint, I'll take it down, but for now, enjoy. It's from Late Night.

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