Saturday, June 4, 2016


The twin calico sisters...

I deleted the other post about my little twin girls who came to Mississippi with me, because I put up a bad vid and it didn't show much at all.

This is an action shot of Ellie chasing May through the door
into the bathroom at my house, where I have set up
their food, water, and "bathroom."
Anyway, these two little girls, one named Ellie and the other named Mae came with me to Mississippi. They were weaned, of course, and already eating hard Iams kitten food by the time I picked them up and got them situated in their little "RV" in the back seat of my car. It had a cage, and inside was their carrier where they slept, but it also had a bowl of their food, an automatic water dispenser, and of course the litter box—and boy was this last item necessary.

This is Ellie, I believe
This is both of them,
but I can't tell which
is which.
We traveled almost 1300 miles together, and while they slept most of the time, they would come out and yowl as close to my ear as they could get. We didn't really get to know one another on the trip, since all I did was drive. We stopped for four hours somewhere in the Texas hill country, in Killeen, Texas, just barely halfway to our destination. I think by this time that they thought they had always been in their RV and that the whole world was what they could see within the confines of the car.

When I took them into the hotel room and set out their carrier (bed), food and water and litter box, they quickly adapted. One headed straight for the food and the other for the water. I don't think they had ventured to try the food while they were in the car. I made a video of them in the hotel room, but it's much too long to put in this post, since I am only allowed a 100 mb vid, and this one was 700 mb.

In the eight days we've been living in my house, and only three days with furniture, we've all adapted pretty well. They use my feet and legs as their jungle gym, and I can occasionally entice one or the other to let me hold her. They're both affectionate and purr, but they're too busy with each other, wrestling and playing hide and seek to sit still too long for a good petting from their daddy.

Finally here's Ellie-Mae in their nest I made for them in my house. They're little "angels" when they sleep. But when they're awake, they live to eat, poop, pee, and play.

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